Ceilings get as dirty as anything else, we just never look up, this means they also need regular cleaning. Depending on the type of ceiling and how dirty the surface is, we use the appropriate mixture of a non toxic and odourless solution to tackle the specific problem. The mixture reacts with the dirty ceiling and removes the soiling. This occurs without damaging the surface of the ceiling or walls.

Our cleaning Method means:

• No business disruptions for your customers
• No damage to the ceilings or walls
• No mess
• No lasting odors
• Surprisingly fast and effective
• Noticeable brightening of your facilities


1: Millions and millions of square feet of ceilings are replaced each year because they are dirty.
2:Replacing ceilings is up to 100 times more expensive than cleaning.
3: Replacement is very slow, very messy, and very inconvenient.
4: Cleaning is very fast, without mess or inconvenience.
5: Painting is more expensive than cleaning.
6: Painting covers over the bacteria, fungi, and soils.
7: Cleaning remove bacteria, fungi, and soils.
8: Painting is messy, slow and closing off an area is usually necessary.
9: Painting ruins the acoustical value of many ceilings.
10: Cleaning with our unique solution will restore acoustical value, while leaving a bright, clean ceiling.
11: Painting ruins the fire rating of some ceilings. (violates fire codes).
12: Cleaning will restore the fire rating.
13: Cleaning solves the problems of painting or replacing at a faction of the cost.